Mick Gordon

The guy who made the soundtrack to Microsoft's fighting game "Killer Instinct"

Killer Instinct

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Mick Gordon was born on July 9, 1985 in Mackay, Queensland Australia. A man of music since he was 12 and his father gave him a guitar. He rose through the ranks very fast and while he was still in high school he was playing 5 gigs a weekend and giving lessons to those who needed it. At the age of 17, Mick scored his first video game called Hotdogs Hotgals and being the good kid he was while at the release party as everyone was getting drunk, Mick decided to sip a nice glass of orange juice. After he began to work from home to becaome a house musician and he was then asked to help in Need for Speed. After working on Need for Speed he did a movie that had terrible writers but still dynamic music and that movie was The Last Airbender. His work in the last airbender opened many doors for him to work in movies and even more video games.

After working on all these projects, around 2013 Microsoft asked Mick Gordon to bring out the classic feel of Killer Instinct through the music but still put his own magic spin into it. Mick Gordon did exactly that, the amount of work he put in to make the tracks was amazing, he learned how to thoart sing, he learn screamo, he also hired a whole choir just to sing in his back track. Needless to say, his work was incredible